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Crossing Kalunga

Afrikan Cosmology & Healing Tools for Resistance

  • Starts Aug 21
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Warriors, Healers, Builders: Wekesa Madzimoyo Warriors, Healers, and Builders (WHB) is AYA Educational Institute’s tool set to facilitate higher communication and to resolve conflicts internally and those between us. The highest manifestation of our spirituality is our relationships between us. European oppression, their religious cosmologies and injected world views have warped our relationship with “the person,” life & death, and each other. True to our spiritual callings, we must take action to become better warriors, healers, and builders - now! The journey crossing Kalunga requires it. Without it our resistance is futile. With it our victory is assured. --- Crossing Kalunga: Ayinde Madzimoyo In this workshop we will explore concepts from the course entitled “The 4 Corners: Afrikans at the Crossroads” and from the forthcoming course “The Composite Person: A Pan-Afrikan perspective”. Our lens and guide will be the 4 cardinal directions (N,S,E,W) with an emphasis on Kalunga (the transitional world of the dead). We’ll explore Afrikan concepts of the human being cross-culturally and discuss imperatives for Afrikan people’s healing and resistance within this frame. ---- 100% Workshop Fundraiser!!! ALL PROCEEDS TO BENEFIT KIMOBONGA BILESI RITES OF PASSAGE PROGRAM **Online Zoom-Workshop** 1:00pm to 5:30pm Black August 21-22

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