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KISWAHILI Intro Class: 6 hours/6 weeks

1 hour-long classes. Held on Sundays / Jumapili

  • Starts Sep 5
  • 100 US dollars

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**Online** 3:30pm to 4:30pm Classes start September 2021 Prof. Otengho Karibu (welcome!) We already know the benefits of learning an additional language. So, what are the benefits to learning Swahili? In Swahili, there is a saying: MTU NI WATU, which means MAN IS A PEOPLE. Through language learning, we get to know and understand different customs, natures, and behaviors. In other words, the Swahili language opens up excellent opportunities to make new connections and acquaintances, whether in a foreign or your home country. Unlike any other African language, Swahili has developed into a very popular African language and it is spoken across East Africa. It is mostly spoken in Kenya and Tanzania as a national and official language. It is also used in Uganda, Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Comoros Islands. Smaller numbers of its speakers can be found in Rwanda, Burundi, Northern Zambia and parts of Mozambique. The overall aim of this Swahili Language beginners course is to enable participants to communicate in the four skills of the language- reading, writing, listening and speaking while developing knowledge of its grammatical structures and vocabulary. Swahili is super easy to learn (things are written as they`re pronounced) and its really fun to speak. Students will learn to recognize a number of Swahili words; introduce themselves & others; speak in the present tense about their identity; ask simple questions of others. Students will learn basic vocabulary, language structure, and use through presentations, situational dialogues, readings, songs, and other interactive methods. Register Today!

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